1957 Bel Air Convertible

I have been a fan of the 1957 Bel Air since I first saw one with my dad on introduction night in 1956 at our local Chevy dealer.  The chrome accents, and rear fins were a captivating vision to an eleven year old boy.

Over the intervening years, I watched the cars depreciate in value as used cars normally do.  As time went on, the 57’s potential as a collector car grew, as did its value.  Now, the car is viewed as an iconic symbol of the 50s, and the value of nicely restored convertibles approaches or exceeds six figures.

I bought my first 57 Bel Air convertible in 2007 from a very nice fellow in Michigan.  He had completed an exceptional frame off restoration of an onyx black Texas car. The Chevy was immaculate, and would probably be considered by many to be over restored.

The condition of the car made driving it somewhat of a dilemma.   I was afraid of any situation where even the underbody might get scratched.  Since I enjoy driving my cars, this posed a problem.

A couple of years passed, and I decided to take the car to a nearby show.  At the show, I was approached by a large collector, who informed me the car should not be driven.  It confirmed, what I already knew.  He made a substantial offer, and I decided to accept it.




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