Posted by: Phil's Classic Chevys | October 21, 2011

A Word of Mouth Split Window

The vehicles in the collection have been found in Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.  They have been located through internet ads and previewed through phone calls, emails, and photos.  And, after purchase, the cars have been shipped home by truck.  The 1963 Sting Ray is an exception.

In August of 2011 my nephew casually mentioned that a fellow who worked with a friend of his had a Split Window that he was thinking about selling.  He thought the car had been modified, but that it still may be worth looking at.  It took a few weeks to finally get the name and phone number of the seller.

A phone call revealed that the car was a restored, numbers matching car that was located a few minutes from home.  The owner was a very friendly individual who was at a point where opportunities to drive and enjoy the car were probably minimal.  He preferred selling it to someone who could.

Before going to look at the car, I recruited a good friend who had owned and was very familiar with the C2 (1963-1967 ) Corvettes. As we approached the car it was clear that it was a beautiful restoration of a classic Split Window coupe.  A discussion with the forthcoming owner and a look at the paint, chrome, interior, and engine compartment along with a check of the basic casting numbers and dates indicated a car definitely worth considering.

Having been surprised in the past, we asked to look at the undercarriage on a lift and the opportunity to drive the car to check for engine and transmission performance, evidence of overheating and other mechanical problems.  The owner provided a lift and our examination showed a clean undercarriage and frame the result of a 2000 restoration.  Checking all the drive train casting numbers while under the car showed a true numbers matching vehicle.  In addition the owner provided photos from the restoration.  The restorer was also available and explained everything he had done during restoration.  As we were previously informed by the owner, the car color had been changed from ermine white to riverside red.  The red paint was nearly flawless.

A road test displayed the robust sound of the solid lifter 327 V8 and the smooth shifting expected from the Borg-Warner four speed.  A few initial  pings from the engine smoothed out as more and more fresh gasoline made its way through the carburetor.  All the gages, along with the heater, wipers, radio and even the clock worked as originally installed 48 years before.  The car was as represented and definitely worth pursuing,

After some negotiating of price with the owner, we agreed on a fair number and the purchase was made.  The whole experience took about six weeks and resulted in a beautiful addition to the collection.  The previous owner was an especially nice person whose emotional attachment to the car was clear as we exchanged documents.  Since I’m always looking for someone to drive the cars to shows, I promised him a call for next summer’s events.

The Sting Ray represented the first car in the collection that was obtained locally.  It was the most extensively examined, and, as a result, the only one with no surprises after purchase.  Another plus it that it did not require shipping.  The previous owner’s dealings were fair and honest making the experience a truly enjoyable one. If only future purchases could be as rewarding as the one obtained by word of mouth.

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe


  1. Awesome looking car! I’m just wondering when you start excavating the underground garage for the parking you need. Also, you can put my name in whenever you need an extra driver.
    John Fatica

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