Posted by: Phil's Classic Chevys | February 3, 2012

Making the Split Window a Tourer

The Split Window Corvette is equipped with the original 4.11 geared rear end as verified by the casting numbers on the case.  Having gotten the car in the early fall, I have had little chance to drive it on the highway.  My brief encounter of about ten miles in the Interstate was a fairly high revving, noisy, and, I’m guessing, fuel sucking experience.  I am considering changing the rear end to a mid 3 ratio to make it a little more enjoyable for touring.  If I do, I plan to save the original gears, so as to not affect originality for someone who may later want to replace the originals.

I have received mixed comments from knowledgeable friends as to whether it’s worth it.  I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from anyone who has experience with the touring benefits (or not) of changing out the rear gears.


  1. I doubt I could ever keep up with managing a site like yours!
    Impressive job and I absolutely hope you keep going for a long time.

    • Thank you for your compliment! I’ve got to get busy and add a few new items that I’ve been thinking about. I’ve also planned on doing a utube presentation for each of the cara. Unfortunately I need to find some time in my wife’s busy schedule for technical assistance.

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